The casement window offers an unobstructed view and is second only to the fixed window, as the most weathertight solution. The nature of the casement allows it to open outward, with door-like operation, in which opening and closing is facilitated by hinges on either side of the window. The durable, low-maintenance matte finish of this architecturally-inspired window, is available in custom sizes and colors.

The dual-layer, compressible bulb weatherstripping seals out dust, wind and water. The smooth edge overlap screen features a hidden retention system, and is easily removable.

The very nature of the casement window allows for a 90 degree sash opening, via premium hardware for effortless operation, making it easy to clean windows from the inside.

The casement is an especially good choice for any multistory homes. Since the screen is on the inside, it can easily be removed and cleaned, eliminating the need for outdoor access.

The opened sash of a casement can act as a funnel by forcing air into the home and offering excellent ventilation. Depending on the direction of the breeze, opening the window more or less will result in a different angle of airflow.

The innovative folding operator handle nestles into itself, allowing blinds and curtains to flow freely, without hindrance. This makes the awning window a sleek and elegant choice. Available in both double and triple glaze, the Vinyl Light Casement window is designed to meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications.


Architecturally inspired, allowing for maximum unobstructed view

Custom sizing available

Custom colour or white interior

Durable, low-maintenance matte finish

Weathertight and energy efficient

Dual layer, compressible bulb weatherstripping seals out sediment and water

Single-actuation handle releases or secures all locking points with one easy motion

Easily removable smooth edge overlap screen with hidden retention system

Premium hardware for effortless operation

90 Degree sash opening facilitates cleaning of the window exterior from inside